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Freshwater Aquarium

With over one hundred freshwater aquariums stocked with many different inhabitants we have a huge selection of freshwater fish as well as live plants, shrimp, snails and frogs. During the spring and summer months we carry a nice variety of outdoor pond fish as well as pond plants. With over 50 years of combine aquarium experience we are able to explain, teach and fix problems. All of our freshwater aquariums are separate. Unlike all other stores that use central filtration system that share water, we keep our tanks separated. Multiple aquariums that share water will always contaminate each other. To avoid one sick fish spreading disease throughout the store we maintain each aquarium the same way you would at home with its own filter. Water changes are done one at a time to each tank. Many of our freshwater fish and plants are bred and grown right here in town, by us or other local breeders. This allows us to offer fish to our customers that are already used to our local tap water. Because these fish are not shipped they are much more robust.


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